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Peniche Fishing Port

Technological and testing capabilities:

Smart Ocean Open Labs will havé a deployment area of 1495 m2, corresponding to a gross construction area of 3,097 m2 distributed over 2 floors above ground level.

It will provide a space of 1,230 m2 for business reception, corresponding to startup modules (970 m2) and offices (260 m2).

The startup modules will be specifically defined to host companies in the aquaculture (485 m2), biotechnology (245 m2) and food innovation (240 m2) areas. The divisions between the different rooms will have the possibility to be modular, allowing the spaces to be adapted to the needs of the interested companies.

The business reception spaces will be complemented with 180 m2 of R&D+i support spaces (180 m2) (table 2), (biomass production room, chemistry room, analysis room, washing room, storage room and food innovation room) will be equipped with scientific-technological equipment for use by companies that will be based in Smart Ocean Open Labs.

Areas of specialization:

The Hub Azul Peniche will have a space for incubating startups and that simultaneously allows to leverage the economic fabric already.

The physical infrastructure – Smart Ocean Open Labs building, will be equipped with the physical conditions and equipment appropriate to the needs of companies, allowing the promotion and hosting of acceleration programs, the incubation of companies in the initial phase of growth and the scale-up of technology and processes for the economy of the sea, promoting opportunities for the development of co-creation and open innovation contexts with the regional maritime cluster and in areas such as aquaculture, biotechnology, food innovation, coastal tourism and digital technologies.

This infrastructure for hosting and enhancing S&T activities is intended to be a hub for business attraction, for the empowerment of companies and society, and for cooperation between the economy, innovation and scientific knowledge. It will assert itself as a catalyst for a regional economy based on the sustainable exploitation of marine resources, strongly entrepreneurial, taking advantage of networking and national and international partnerships.