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Hub Azul, Infrastructure Network for the Blue Economy, is part of the Recovery and Resilience Programme and its main objective is to contribute to the decarbonization and digital transformation of the blue economy, making it “more competitive, more cohesive, more inclusive and more sustainable”, taking advantage of the opportunities opened up by the energy and digital transitions.

Several regional hubs were created based on a set of infrastructures and skills that allow the organization of innovation ecosystems in the area of the blue economy, covering the entire national territory, which must be leveraged and articulated, in a network, to exploit complementarities and synergies.

The overall management of this network of regional hubs is the responsibility of Hub Azul and its Strategic Management Board, as provided for in the governance model of the National Strategy for the Sea 2021-30 and set out in Order no. 12495/2021, of December 22, “Determines the governance model of the “Hub Azul, Infrastructure Network for the Blue Economy” (TC-C10-i1) and configures one of the functional articulation mechanisms provided for in the governance model of the National Strategy for the Sea 2021-2030″.

Continental Portugal

Hub Azul integrates 7 Innovation Hubs and the Hub Azul School, composed of the Infante Dom Henrique Nautical School (ENIDH) and the network of FOR-MAR centers, which cover the entire national territory.

Regiões Autónomas

A Rede Hub Azul Portugal também vai trabalhar em articulação com os Hubs Azuis integrados nas Regiões Autónomas dos Açores e na Madeira, tornando-se uma rede nacional e internacional de inovação marítima.

Os Polos de Inovação da rede vão concentrar-se em projetos e atividades que promovam a inovação, a sustentabilidade e o crescimento económico na área da Economia Azul. Através da partilha de resultados e da cooperação entre os polos, a rede vai promover a eficiência e a excelência nos projetos e iniciativas relacionadas com o mar.

Strategic Management Board

Entity responsible for the designing of the global business model of the Hub Azul.

Fórum Oceano is the entity responsible for the “Creation of the Hub Azul (H9) business model and management team”, a network of innovation infrastructures for the Blue Economy, of the European Commission’s Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Notice Invitation to Create the Business Model and Management Team Hub Azul (H9)

Hub Azul Portugal Technical Team

Gonçalo Faria

Hub Azul Manager

Beatriz Lopes

Marketing & Communication Manager

José Eduardo Lontro

Investor Relations & Controller

Manuel Melo

Innovation Manager

Susana Todo Bom

Blue Financial Officer